We, Intelligent Mischief, are a Boston-based creative design collective that build projects and consult groups that develop atmosphere’s of change. We're looking for a research intern to assist us in researching for our Black Body Survival Guide for about 10-15 hours a week starting Tuesday October 13 - Friday December 18. The Black Body Survival Guide is our multi-media project where we are gathering satirical tips on how Black people can survive anti-Blackness in the U.S. Our satire is based on what is truly happening to Black folks and how the legacy of white supremacy, structurally oppress us so we need someone's help in getting the #facts. The structures we are discussing and building surrealist satirical tips include: police state, gentrification, climate change, gender politics, education, and more.

We need this person to be available Mondays and/or Fridays afternoons between 12-6pm for our in-person planning meetings, hence, you must be based in the Boston-area. Currently, we're located at Make Shift Boston. We do have flexibility around this person’s exact start and end time but it must in between those days and hours. We are looking for someone who has deep understanding of structural racism, and social justice oriented. They should some understanding of solidarity with different marginalized within the Black identity (i.e. Black trans and non-gender conforming folks). This person will also have expertise in research and a boss at citations. They will be able to critique, analyze, and discuss research. We prefer that this person have this internship count as work-study and/or school credit; we currently do not have the means to have a paid internship. We would like this person to have good organizational skills, some outreach skills, and note-taking. We also prefer that you can work with a group of Black weirdos, have some creative background, and would join us in our daily twerk breaks.

Through this internship, this person will develop their research skill, build liberatory analysis and knowledge around creative resistance. They will learn and practice anti-oppression work. They will have first hand experience of a Black led collective building an institution. There will be different learning opportunities through event planning, trainings, and possibly conferences. When money is good, we will occasionally take you out for lunch.

If you are interested, please send us your resume along with a short email cover letter demonstrating your experience to mischiefisintelligent@gmail.co