We, Intelligent Mischief, are a Boston-based creative design collective that works to: boost imagination and invention, realign action logic, and experiment with new forms of civil society to create atmospheres of change. We’re looking for an intern to help us ramp up for our 2nd Fete Forward Festival for 10-15 hours a week. Fete Forward is a mini-festival where we fete leading up to Carnival to explore the role and potential of the West Indian community in Boston and the importance of place by celebrating, uplifting and making visible and accessible the vast forms of West Indian culture through dance, conversation, mas making, folk story-telling, etc. The last festival we had was our first in 2014 where we featured legendary dancehall and reggae dancer and choreographer Blacka di Danca and musical genius DJ The Salivation Army. We believe that we can celebrate and decolonize at the same damn time! For this upcoming festival, we’re planning to expand on our last by possibly hosting a Caribbean Film and Arts Festival, Bringing out a Jouvay Band, and engaging the public in creating and experiencing Caribbean arts as a means to explore liberation.

We need this person to be available at about 5 - 10 hours per week and meet in person once per week.  You should be intimately aware of the Boston Carnival scene, and Caribbean culture, hence, you must be based in the Boston-area. We want an intern that loves West Indian culture, music, dance, film & carnival and understanding of the tradition. This intern will need experience in event planning, festival organizing, and some understanding of cultural organizing. The work will involve helping us draft up sponsorship letters, create objectives and outcomes, design and plan the festival, and liaise with artists, create outreach and promotional material, and document and archive the project. This person will be starting in January 2016 until September 2016.

Compensation TBD (contingent upon sponsorships and ticket sales).

Please email us an overview of your experience and why you’re interested in this role in any form, the more creative the better to us at mischiefisintelligent@gmail.com. We will be interviewing folks during the first few weeks of January.