We, Intelligent Mischief, are a Boston-based creative design collective that works to: boost imagination and invention, realign action logic, and experiment with new forms of civil society to create atmospheres of change. We're looking for a project intern to assist us for about 10-15 hours a week starting in late January to June 2016. The Black Body Survival Guide is our multi-media project where we are gathering and creating satirical tips on how Black people can survive anti-Blackness in the U.S. The book is intentionally being written for Black people living in the United States. We are still in our writing stage of our project and we need support in preparing for our book launch and tour.

We need this person to be available Mondays and/or Fridays afternoons 12-6pm for our in-person planning meetings, hence, Boston-area based. This person will be tasked with overseeing the development of pre-tour workshops, setting up and managing the book tour, and managing social media for the Black Body Survival Guide. We need someone who is skilled in logistics, management, social media, and marketing. They need to make sure we are meeting our target audience during the tour and reaching them via social media. This person will receive some Black Body Survival gear, the Black Body Survival Guide, and may be monetarily compensated contingent on book and product sales.

Please send us an email detailing your experience and why you’re interested in this role to mischiefisintelligent@gmail.com. This can be a video, powerpoint, document, or a good old resume and cover letter. The more creative, the better. We are looking to start interviewing for all our internships during the first few weeks of January.