Happy New Year! 

We're excited for 2016 at IM and for all the potential that it holds. Aisha shared some thoughts on the #BlackLivesMatter movement and how we can imagine what it means to win Black liberation.

"Across our social movements what we are struggling against is big and bad and ugly and insidious. It is deep and frightening and powerful. In order to win we will need to build new kinds of power, engage new people, and shift systems towards something we haven’t fully been free even to imagine. We therefore need to organize in new ways, envision a future we have never seen, and build new interim institutions that live the values of our movement. We need as much creativity as we can muster. We need to engage in (peaceful) guerrilla movement tactics that inspire our comrades and supporters, confuse and neutralize our enemies, and stimulate the hearts of those on the sidelines." ~ Aisha Shillingford 

Check it out her piece on Medium: https://medium.com/@aishashillingford/how-we-can-win-for-blacklives-in-2016-d083d1b0a1e8#.i64l24axc

~Chrislene DeJean