Every Tuesday in February, Intelligent Mischief will join other activist organizations and their allies at Uhuru: Black Liberation Lab hosted by Design Studio for Social Intervention (DS4SI).

DS4SI is dedicated to changing how social justice is imagined, developed and deployed here in the United States, and Uhuru: Black Liberation Lab is firmly in line with that mission.

This series will serve as "a creative action lab to explore the components of a deep fight for collective Black Liberation" and "provide Boston's Black activist leadership and their allies the opportunity to dream, brainstorm, and vision" around the next steps of action and strategy.

Uhuru: Black Liberation Lab will meet on Tuesdays from 5:30 to 8:00 pm at DS4SI, 1946 Washington Street, Roxbury, MA 02118.

This will be a significant part of I.M.'s actions commemorating Black History Month. Join us in helping to shape the progress of this vital movement.