Chrislene and Terry sit down with Nse Umoh Esema (@nseabasiumoh), the Program Director for Community Media Projects at MIT's Community Innovators Lab (CoLab), to reflect on the creative action that occurred in Ferguson and St. Louis, MO in the past few weeks.

In addition to emphasizing the key differences between traditional movement strategies and creative actions, they highlight significant examples of actions around #FergusonOctober, share their experiences in Missouri, and draw lessons from their recent and ongoing work.

Creative actions allow you to engage in a way that suits you while allowing you to flip the narrative. Everyone can be a part of resisting.
— Chrislene DeJean
The point with creative actions is how do we control the narrative? How do we tell the narrative from our point of view, in a way that clearly gets our message across for liberation and justice?
— Terry Marshall