INTELLIGENT MISCHIEF is a creative action design lab using culture, narrative and design to hack social change.

Our mission...to boost invention and imagination, realign action logic and experiment with new forms of civil society to create atmospheres of change.

We believe in the power of culture. As humans we are deeply entrenched in cultures that lie in our conscious and subconscious. These cultural experiences inform our identities, communities, & politic, and impact how we see the world. At IM, we curate transformative cultural experiences and interventions that re-imagine the possibilities and shift the "common sense".

As afro-caribbean immigrants, veteran organizers, and creatives/cultural organizers we bring a unique perspective and range of skills to our broader social justice community and social justice values and vision to the creative sphere. We work at the nexus of arts, popular culture, social change and activism.  We are particularly committed to working with black and brown communities to offer solutions that are often fenced off from them due to expense or lack of cultural awareness of existing design and creative firms.

We offer narrative, design and creative consulting to organizations, groups, and social ventures looking to use creativity to develop their campaigns, programs, and strategic initiatives. We also experiment with new ways of doing social change by designing our own media projects. 

This year we are available to:

1) Facilitate human-centered design processes to develop creative and innovative ideas for your campaigns, strategies, pop culture interventions, creative direct action and more.

2) Speak about the role of design, art, creativity, innovation, counter hegemonic strategies and popular culture in social justice movements.

3) Speak about the development of the Black Body Survival Guide, world-building, science fiction and AfroFuturism.

4) Facilitate customized design sprints/hackathons with your organization or community

Please contact us to talk with us about making mischief together in 2018.


Intelligent Mischief is a Sponsored Project of  Allied Media Projects

Intelligent Mischief is a Sponsored Project of Allied Media Projects


Our Design and Cultural Production Principles

Our Design and Cultural Production Principles

  • Decluttering - We believe that we are at our most creative when there is spaciousness and we are able to have clear vision for what we want to accomplish. This involves clearing our minds as well as our physical surroundings.

  • Narrative and Aesthetics - We believe that any successful design must include both content and form, i.e. story and aesthetics. We use narrative to both understand what the problem or issue is that we want to address as well as to convey our solution in powerful, accessible ways. We use aesthetics to embody our narrative, ensuring that the ideas, products, and experiences we create are visually appealing and make social change attractive and desirable.

  • Black Renaissance - Creating a Culture of Black Liberation - Our design purpose is inextricably linked to the birth of a culture of black liberation. We explore and integrate cultural experiences and expressions within black communities that are prefigurative and that posit the assumption that black people exist in the future and we are free there.

  • Design FROM the margins - We are tricksters. We didn’t go to school for design. We’re harnessing, stealing, and hacking design tools and making them our own so that those at the margins and intersections can define and solve their own problems using the incredible assets we know we have.

  • Third Culture Perspective - The margins are really the intersections or borders. They are complex places and the people who inhabit them are quite often best positioned to think about complex issues in creative ways. We’re crossing borders and adapting to new realities all the time. This makes us innovative, creative, and adaptable. Skills that are really important for design.

  • Love Amplified - When we come together in a spirit of love to solve our problems together the impact is far greater than the individuals involved.




Terry Marshall

Founder/Strategy Architect

Terry Marshall has been involved in social justice movements for over 20  years and founded Intelligent Mischief in 2013. Born in Boston, his feet are firmly planted in Barbados where his family is from. Terry's work has spanned a range of intersecting creative and social justice endeavors including cultural organizing, creative production, curation, writing, cultural research, dance, event production, design, and political strategy.

Terry is interested in traveling and developing an international network of creatives that share a vision of transforming the world through communications and making their beliefs real. 

 Terry is superstar facilitator and brilliant cultural strategist. Prior to Intelligent Mischief he founded Streets is Watching and the Hip Hop Media Lab. He is an affiliate trainer and consultant for the Center for Story-based Strategy (CSS), a Beautiful Trouble trainer, co-founder of The BlackOut Collective and sits on the board for Center for Artistic Activism.






Originally from Trinidad and Tobago, Aisha Shillingford is an artist, trainer, facilitator and social change strategist who has been living in Boston since 1998. With over 15 years of community organizing and program development experience in Boston, Aisha dreams of a day when we all are living the truth that community is the answer to every problem and when we are truly prefiguring the community we wish to see in our every day practices as change makers. She is a commitment to spiritual, social and cultural transformation.

Aisha received her BA in Environmental Analysis and Policy in 2002 from Boston University, an MSW in Macro Practice with a focus on Children, Youth, and Families in 2009 from Boston College, and an MBA in Social Entrepreneurship in 2014 from Simmons College. Aisha gets her jollies building the cooperative movement and ending all oppression by working with the Boston Center for Community Ownership and palling around with the AORTA Collective. She is also a Senior Associate at the Interaction Institute for Social Change. On an ordinary day she can be found riding her bike around the city, picking up trash for her found-object-art obsession, and sewing random articles of clothing and making functional objects. 

She is obsessed with the role of mestizaje and creolization in fostering cultural shift and is trying to get free.