As a response to the current state of race relations in the U.S., we are designing a multimedia project called "The Black Body Survival Guide". This will be a compilation of rules and regulations for surviving in the U.S. as the owner of a black body. The rules of race in America are absurd and it's important that we make them visible. A sample rule for a Black Body is: "Don't be loud in public or play loud music."

We will be creating a book through multimedia production involving Black creatives, concerned citizens, youth, and more collaborating to produce this guide. This satirical guide is meant to comment on the violence  being perpetuated against black people and raise our consciousness about the drastic nature of racial relations in the United States. Hence, we hope to spark a movement to change the perceptions of black bodies.

Thank you so much to the folks that supported our indiegogo campaign. We are currently deep in our writing process and we're collaborating with Wheelock College in developing our video series. We have two amazing interns. Col Williams, our dope illustrator currently at Lesley College. Look at what they can dohere and buy their work! As well as Eric Martin, our rad researcher. Every Friday we're posting videos, pics, and/or articles about the topic we're writing about or our creative process on Facebook and Instagram.

Also check out the Black Body Survival Guide website.

Check out our Black Body Survival Poster illustrated by Col Williams