INTELLIGENT MISCHIEF is a creative action design lab using culture, narrative and design to hack social change.

Our boost invention and imagination, realign action logic and experiment with new forms of civil society to create atmospheres of change.

We believe in the power of culture. As humans we are deeply entrenched in cultures that lie in our conscious and subconscious. These cultural experiences inform our identities, communities, & politic, and impact how we see the world. At IM, we curate transformative cultural experiences and interventions that re-imagine the possibilities and shift the "common sense".

As afro-caribbean immigrants, veteran organizers, and creatives/cultural organizers we bring a unique perspective and range of skills to our broader social justice community and social justice values and vision to the creative sphere. We work at the nexus of arts, popular culture, social change and activism. Our networks allow us national reach with deep Boston roots. We are particularly committed to working with black and brown communities to offer solutions that are often fenced off from them due to expense or lack of cultural awareness of existing design and creative firms.

We offer consulting to organizations, groups, and social ventures looking to use creativity to develop their campaigns, programs, and strategic initiatives. We also experiment with new ways of doing social change by designing our own media projects. Check out "Our Work" to see the projects we've done in the past and to explore the ways we can work together.